Vaccine Exemption Letter

This link takes you to a vaccine exemption form that is acceptable in all 50 states:

The following letter is one used by some California veterinarians and can be used as a sample to show to your own veterinarian when asking for any vaccine exemption (rabies and/or all others). It can also be used for any situation where your animal might be required to have a health certificate. Please remember that vaccines are ONLY to be given to perfectly healthy animals. Animals who are ill, have ANY health condition, have ever had ANY reaction to a vaccination, are on a special diet, medication, homeopathic remedies, have abnormal blood work, have internal or external parasites/pests, or are seniors that have been vaccinated in the past, are NEVER to be vaccinated or re-vaccinated. This is stated in the literature that comes with every vial of vaccine made. Please keep this letter in case you need it in the future. If your vet won’t give you a vaccine exemption letter for an animal who shouldn’t be vaccinated, find another vet who understands the seriousness of the situation & who will give you one. We use & recommend homeopathic veterinarians as they have much greater education & understanding of health issues, nutrition/food, & the damage caused by vaccination. If your animal has already been vaccinated, ask if your vet will issue a vaccine exemption; remind them there is NO scientific proof that more than 1 vaccine is needed for a lifetime. Your vet probably is not even aware of this so don’t let your animal be harmed because of ignorance. Homeopathic vets are the most educated and the most likely to give a vaccine exemption because they know & understand the facts. We recommend the following homeopathic vets:

Dr. Patricia Jordan in Asheville, NC –
Dr. Will Falconer in Austin, TX –
Others are listed here: – Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy: – Graduates of Dr. Richard Pitcairn’s Animal Natural Health Center:

Any vet who vaccinates an animal who is ill or has a health condition can be sued as it is against vaccine manufacturer instructions. This link tells about the veterinary vaccine class action lawsuit:

Date ____________

Patient _______________

Guardian ____________________

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to verify my recommendation that this animal should not be given vaccinations due to the risk of creating or exacerbating illnesses in this animal. This animal is either a breed type or an individual who has a tendency to develop illness as the result of the immune system stress created by vaccination. (or….This animal has a health condition [allergies, kidney disease, liver disease, seizures/epilepsy, etc.] that will be exacerbated if vaccinated.)

Recent studies have shown the relationship of routine vaccinations to seizures, brain inflammation (encephalitis), and many immune system related diseases, such as allergic dermatitis, food allergies, autoimmune thyroiditis (hypothyroidism), decreased resistance to infections, blood dyscrasias and general immune system suppression have been related to vaccination.

It is my opinion that the above-mentioned animal has a risk of illness if given vaccinations.


_____________________, DVM