The Truth About Commercially-Made Pet Foods & Easy Homemade Raw Diet

Dead/euthanized pets, diseased & dying animals, road-kill, toxic chemicals, plastics, styrofoam, flea collars & more really are used in pet food.  It’s completely legal.  It’s the dirty secret the pet food manufacturers hope you never find out.  Pet food companies are allowed to call anything “organic” that was once alive…including diseased animals, moldy vegetables, rotten fruit & things deemed “unfit for human consumption.”  Pet food is a way for companies who make human food products to make money from ingredients they aren’t allowed to sell for human consumption.  Their trash becomes pet food!  Don’t be fooled by their advertising; it is NOT true.  Yes, dead animals from shelters & vet hospitals are used to make pet foods.

What You Need to Know About Your Pets’ Food:

Excellent info on the shocking truth about commercially made pet foods:

How “pet food” began (also explains the meaning of “natural” & “organic” when used by pet food manufacturers):

What’s Really in Your Pet’s Food:

Here’s info on the easiest way to make super healthy, yet inexpensive, raw food for your dogs & cats.  We recommend you watch the 2 videos below first & then read the rest of this email.

We make a batch of the ground raw meat food using the following recipe: 2 cups regular muscle meat (ground chicken, turkey, beef or fish – not organ meat); 3/4 cup raw ground up veggie, 1 raw egg, 1/2 cup ground organ meat (liver, kidneys, gizzards, spleen, brains, thyroid) & calcium (ground bones or eggshells, or powdered calcium).  Mix all ingredients well.  You can safely keep this completely thawed raw food mix in the fridge for 3-4 days.  Freezing is great so you can defrost it as needed.  Run the veggies (raw or cooked) thru a food processor first before adding anything else.  Be sure it’s in tiny pieces as this makes it very easy to digest.  Next, add your muscle meat, organ meat, raw egg, & calcium source (ground raw bones, crushed eggshells or purchased calcium/bonemeal powder).  If you feel it’s too thick, you can add a small amount of filtered drinking water; spring water & reverse osmosis are the 2 best types.
Calcium must be added to this food if there are no bones in it.  Organic eggshells are the very best for this.  It’s a natural food & contains calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, sulfur, & more…along with amino acids.  To make eggshell calcium, rinse out the eggshells & allow them to air dry.  Leave the membrane on the inside of the eggshell as this also contains nutrients (pasture-raised, free-range, organic eggs are the best – remember, we are what we eat & it makes a huge difference in our health).  Run a batch of the dried eggshells thru a food processor until it’s in powder form & tiny pieces.  1 teaspoon of this powder contains 750 to 800 mgs. of elemental calcium.  You need to add 750 to 1,000 mg. of elemental calcium for every 1 lb. of food mixture (2 cups = 1 lb).  You can also use an inexpensive coffee grinder that’s designated only for eggshells, nuts, dried herbs or similar food – no coffee.  We recently purchased 1 online at Ace Hardware for $10-$11 with free shipping to our nearest store.  You don’t want any coffee or coffee residue to get on the dogs’ eggshells as it’s toxic to dogs.  This is why the grinder must only be used for foods that are dog safe.  If adding to 1 meal for a small dog, we stir in 1/4 teaspoon for every 1/8 cup of meat mix.  The other option is to use either powdered bone meal or powdered calcium supplements.  Because eggshells are a whole food, the body easily digests it & gets more nutrition from it.  Supplements are always second to real, whole foods.

– Use raw or cooked veggies.  They can eat the same veggies raw that we do & raw is always best as it has enzymes & more nutrients.  Be sure you run thru a food processor first so they’re in tiny pieces before you mix them with the meat/egg/calcium.- Allow cooked veggies to completely cool before mixing them with the raw meat.  Heat destroys enzymes & nutrients the animals need in the raw meat, so don’t add anything heated to it.

– Add some organ meat (liver, kidney, heart, gizzard, spleen, etc.) as this has different nutrients the animals need & it’s not found in muscle meat.  10-30% of the diet should be from organ meat – pasture-raised, grass-fed or organic is best.  Buy the best you can afford.  Don’t add organ meat if you’re switching a dog over to raw from regular pet food; you can add organ meat after the dog has been on the raw meat diet for 5-8 weeks.

-Add healthy fat – fat from animal meats, some raw egg, coconut oil, wild caught cod liver or salmon oil & grass-fed butter are all excellent.  For dogs weighing 1-19 lbs. we give 1/4 tsp per day with a meal.  20-39 lb. dogs get 1/2 tsp daily.  Alternating the oils is best.  These are good fats we feed:  Kerry Gold butter (it’s from grass-fed cows), coconut oil, salmon oil, raw egg, & cod liver oil (  Alternating with each is best.  All these oils must be stored in the fridge except for coconut oil; this keeps it fresher & it lasts longer.  Start very slowly (3 drops per day) & gradually increase to the amount needed.  Don’t give the oil until your dog has been on the raw meat diet for at least 5-8 weeks; again, do it slowly.  These are all sold at Sprout’s, Mothers Markets, Whole Foods Market &

If you’re starting your dog on the raw meat diet, add either Sparks (this is our choice as it’s the best –, Great Life+ Digestive Enzymes (both are complete & contain probiotics, digestive enzymes & vitamins/minerals) or Mercola Digestive Enzymes for Pets & their powdered probiotic to every meal.  Stir everything well; allow the mixture to sit for at least 5 minutes before serving to the pet to give the enzymes time to work.  If money is an issue, you can stop adding this after the dog has been on the raw diet for 5-8 weeks or add 2-3 days a week.  Many people keep their pets on this for their entire lives because it’s super good for them; this is what we do.  Using these products, we’ve had NO diarrhea when starting dogs on a 100% raw ground meat & bones diet. We feed the rescue dogs this type of ground raw food to start.  Our own dogs get raw meaty bones & ground raw meals every other day.  Dogs/cats who eat raw meaty bones never get arthritis.  It also cleans their teeth beautifully & exercises their gums, jaws, & neck muscles.  Raw bone marrow is loaded with nutrients.
Cats will be more interested in the food if you add fish &/or fish water.  You can add water to the liquid in canned tuna & salmon, then put 1 tsp of this into their food.  Both dogs & cats are drawn to eat things based on its smell. Another option to making a raw diet for them is to buy an electric meat grinder that will grind chicken, quail & rabbit bones.  They run between $100-$200.  You’ll find info about this online & the grinders are sold on Ebay.  Here’s the 1 we use & recommend; it’s from Wal-Mart:  American Eagle is the best-rated brand of electric meat grinder by experienced raw feeders.  They have grinders that will grind turkey, duck & other stronger bones; they cost around $500-$700.  If you choose to use this method, email us @ & we’ll send you hints to grinding the meat.

We recommend Dr. Karen Becker’s new book on feeding a proper raw diet:  Dr. Becker’s Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats –

Dogs are NEVER to eat these foods:  Apple leaves, stems, seeds, & core; pear seeds (all contain small amounts of cyanide, which is poisonous to dogs); onions, chocolate, grapes, raisins, coffee, gum, mushrooms, artificial sweeteners, regular potatoes, yeast dough, macadamia nuts, & rhubarb leaves.  All have things in them that are toxic to dogs.

This diet is easy to prepare & for the dogs to digest.  By adding the digestive enzymes & probiotics, you shouldn’t have any diarrhea or digestive upset when changing 100% to raw without a slow transition.  We recommend using chicken or rabbit to begin raw feeding as both are the easiest to digest.  Keep your dog on 1 of these meats for the first 2 months to allow their gastrointestinal system to adjust to the raw food.  You should then be able to change meat without any diarrhea resulting.  If there is some diarrhea, use some canned pumpkin (with NO spices); 1-3 tsp per meal for small dogs.  It should resolve in 1-2 days with no medication needed.  Don’t stress over it; it’s easy once you get the hang of it.  Along with no more vaccines, the raw meaty bones diet gives amazing health results & saves you lots of money!