How to Give Your Dog Optimal Health

We want to share some vital information with you that’s given our dogs incredible, optimal health & a much longer, quality life. It’s also saved us a ton of money in vet expenses. The 2 biggest factors in determining both are vaccination & food/nutrition. The 3rd factor is toxins; eliminate these, both internally & externally…things like flea/tick/pest products that are applied topically or in shampoos/treatments, flea collars, or oral medications (Bravecto, Comfortis, Capstar, Program, Trifexis, Advantix, Frontline, Revolution, etc), chemicals sprayed in or around the home, chemicals used to clean the environment, etc. This method of raising pets is called “natural pet rearing” & the results it gives are phenomenal.

For those who’ve only ever known conventional dog care methods, the natural approach may at first seem to go against almost everything you know. This is because conventional methods tend to have been developed from the human perspective. It’s been taught to veterinary students by companies who make lots of money by selling their products (vaccines, drugs, chemicals, food), and it’s incorrectly based on the dog eating like a human.

The natural approach looks at & works with “the whole dog” in a natural way that ignites the body’s internal healing force & stimulates its natural abilities to heal itself. Elimination of the symptoms is what conventional medicine is based on. However, just eliminating the symptom or treating only the symptom is NOT the same as elimination of the cause or disease that produced that symptom(s) in the first place. Natural health looks to find the cause of the problem & to use proper nutrition, natural means, & homeopathy to cure or eliminate the cause of the problem(s). Homeopathy is our preferred method of medical care; it works with the body so it can heal itself & uses only natural medicines to do this. It’s been extremely successful for us & has even cleared vaccine damage.

Prior to raising our dogs naturally, we used conventional vets; we did exactly what they told us must be done. Our dogs were fed the best-rated kibble & pet foods; we also gave them some home-cooked food. They were re-vaccinated every 3 years & were given vet approved flea/tick products when needed. All of them developed numerous health problems & lived shorter lives. Over a period of 35 years, we had numerous dogs – usually 4 to 6 at a time. The dogs raised conventionally (kibble, pet food, repeat vaccines, flea products, conventional medical care) all ended up with severe allergies, seizures, liver disease/failure, kidney disease/failure, repeat ear infections, anal gland problems, bad breath, tooth loss, body odor, Addison’s disease, Cushing’s disease, cancer, & more. They all died or had to be put to sleep between 11-12.5 years old. All the conventional vets we used in the past told us to feed our dogs kibble, that this was best for them, that it was “balanced & nutritionally complete” & that it cleaned their teeth. In spite of the dogs all having health problems, these vets insisted the dogs be re-vaccinated every 3 years, with full-dose combination vaccines & the rabies vaccine. Not 1 of them ever advised against re-vaccination or told us that vaccine label instructions state vaccines are only to be given to healthy animals/people.  They never recommended another way to feed our dogs. None ever told us about titer testing either, about doing only 1 vaccine at a time, or about adjusting the size of the vaccine to fit the animal.

Unfortunately, conventional vets have very little education on any of these essential subjects. Most of the info they have on this is incorrect. It’s what they’re taught in veterinary college by the pharmaceutical companies & pet food manufacturers. They receive approximately 1-3 hours of instruction on nutrition & the instructors work for pet food manufacturers. We know this is still true because the daughter of one of our members is presently attending veterinary college. Once she completes this, she’ll go on to attend a natural veterinary college as she wants to practice natural veterinary care instead.

Vaccines are usually 20-30% of a vet’s business. Pet foods are about 10-20%. That’s a substantial sum of money to pass up if you stop re-vaccinating pets & selling certain brands of pet food. They also make less money when there are less animals to treat for health problems. Naturally raised animals rarely need veterinary care; usually only a yearly wellness check-up is all they require.

Since changing to natural rearing practices & homeopathy, our dogs have no dog odor, no bad breath, no fleas/parasites/pests, no ear infections, no tooth loss, anal gland problems, etc. The first 2 dogs who were on this regime since we got them enjoyed good health & had lots of energy. They were both rescue dogs & came to us at age 5 yrs. Both lived to be 19 years old & died in their sleep from natural causes (heart simply stops beating). They were never re-vaccinated & ate only a raw meat/bones diet. The only vet expenses we had was for their routine wellness exams & blood work every year – about $300 per dog per year. Vet bills for just one of our dogs who had kidney disease/failure was over $5,000 for disease management alone.

Small dogs lived to be around 25-27 years of age before commercially made pet food & vaccination protocols came on the scene. Cancer, organ disease/failure (heart, kidneys, liver) & auto-immune diseases were VERY rare. Most pets were fed food from the families’ table & if they were vaccinated, it was only for rabies once or twice in their entire life. Many cite that the oldest dog ever recorded, a 29-year-old Australian cattle dog named Bluey, died in 1939, several years before commercial pet food was invented, & that, of the 2 oldest dogs in recent years, 1 was fed primarily kangaroo & emu meat (from Wikipedia). Today, 50% of dogs are killed by cancer. Obviously something is very, very wrong.

We share this information with you so that your pets can enjoy the same great results. It’s also saved us a ton of money in vet bills & all the heartache that goes with an ill & suffering pet.

Debbie W, Founder & President
Yorkies & Friends Rescue, So. CA –
Never underestimate the healing, life-changing power of food. – “Let food be your medicine & medicine be your food.” Hippocrates
When the diet is right, medicines are of no need, & when the diet is wrong, medicines are of no use. Ayurvedic proverb
Vaccines: Once you’ve administered the needle, you can NEVER change your mind. Study the facts, don’t live to regret it. There is NO safe vaccine, NO wellness after vaccines, & ALL vaccines cause brain inflammation & harm. The BEST protection is optimal nutrition for a healthy, strong immune system.

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