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Welcome to our website.  We’re happy to share the best natural pet rearing information we’ve found so you, too can give your dog the best health and longest life possible. Wishing your beloved dog(s) the very best health and longest, quality life possible.

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Disclaimer and More: I’m not a veterinarian nor a professional animal nutritionist.  What I share on this website is for informational purposes only.  It’s what I’ve learned from homeopathic/natural vets, animal nutritionists, and my own experience – both with my own dogs for over 37 yrs and over 17 yrs with rescue dogs.  Please check with a natural vet or health professional before making changes to their treatment or starting your pet on any new diet, especially if your animal has a health condition.  You alone are responsible for your pet and all decisions made on their behalf.  I personally use and recommend only homeopathic veterinarians; there is a BIG difference.  Homeopathy is able to eliminate chronic disease and vaccine damage, unlike conventional medicine.  Unfortunately, most vets who call themselves “holistic” are not truly natural.  Homeopathic vets are truly natural and homeopathy is able to cure conditions that are deemed impossible.  That’s been my experience and many others, as well.

These are the 100% natural vets we know of and recommend: Dr. Patricia Jordan in NC (,  Dr. Will Falconer in Austin, TX (, Dr. Henry Kosteki in Reno, NV (, Dr. Dee Blanco in NM (, Dr. Charles Loops in NC (, and Dr. Todd Cooney in IN (  More are listed here on another wonderful natural health website:  And also here:  All of these vets can do phone/email consultations; it’s usually unnecessary for them to physically see an animal to treat naturally and restore health.  I’ve done it and the results were successful in every case.  My preference is to use a trained homeopathic vet as only homeopathy can clear vaccine damage and chronic disease.  This link shows where to find a homeopathic vet trained by Dr. Richard Pitcairn:  He’s a world-renown homeopathic vet and now teaches others.  This one shows were to find a holistic vet in your area; be sure to check if they’re 100% natural as most are not:  My experience has been that many vets who claim to be holistic really are not; if they recommend vaccines, drugs or chemicals, they are not a natural health vet.  This link assists you in evaluating a vet so you can find a 100% natural practitioner:  This website will help you find a naturopathic veterinarian & explains this type of natural pet care: